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Find your customers on Facebook and Instagram

According to Statista, In 2023, the number of Facebook users in Nigeria is expected to reach 30.4 million, up from 22.4 million in 2018. 

This presents businesses a massive advantage to reach a large pool of customers online. 

This number will continue to rise, the question is; Are You taking advantage of the massive growth opportunity that Facebook and it’s Family of Apps presents? 

The best time to start advertising on Facebook and Instagram was years ago, the next best time is NOW!

The stats below represents Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Messenger Users in Nigeria according to Napoleoncat as at 11th November 2019

Over the last 12 months, I have leveraged Facebook and Instagram Ads to generate over ₦40 million in revenue for Businesses, and this guide shows the audiences I have targeted to achieve this result.

I wrote this Guide so that Business Owners can have an insight into what is possible with Facebook and Instagram Advertising​

  • Are You a Real Estate Agent? Beauty salon owner? Make up Artist? Marketing Expert, Auto dealer? Fitness Expert? Online store owner? Yes, You are Covered
  • Facebook and Instagram targeting options have become so incredibly robust in the past few months
  • Unless you are attempting to target life on Mars, Facebook has got you covered​
  • You no longer have an excuse not to to advertise on Facebook and Instagram​

This Guide will give You Insight into what's possible.

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About Tope Emiola

Tope Emiola helps businesses drive effective and profitable Digital Marketing campaigns, leveraging Facebook, Instagram, Google and YouTube

In June 2019, Tope was certified by Facebook, as a Facebook Blueprint Buying Professional, being one of the ONLY 32 People in Africa with this prestigious title. The Blueprint Certification recognizes advanced-level proficiency with Facebook’s family of products and services. It is the only certification officially recognized by Facebook, It is also the most advanced level in the Blueprint program designed, to test Facebook Marketing Expertise.

Tope currently runs Promartico, an e-commerce business, built SOLELY with Facebook and Instagram Ads with distribution centers in Lagos, Abuja, Port-Harcourt, Ibadan and Accra Ghana.

Tope is always available for Facebook Ads strategy formulation and Implementation for Businesses.

I've always known Tope would become a marketing guru, so I am not surprised that she's become one of the few certified Facebook marketing professionals in Nigeria. Her knowledge of the Facebook ads platform and marketing in general is really commendable, as I have benefited from her advise and tips on how to increase the performance of my ads and become more profitable
Sheni Coker
Founder, 54Artistry, Omentify.com

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